Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Outing on Merdeka day

     Happy Merdeka !!! Happy holiday ppl !!  
Unbelievable...I can woke up at 9.30am on my holiday.><
but  "bo bian" becoz  was phone calling by Tupai during my sweet dream T_T. 
She come my house fetch me and we having a breakfast at BDC.
Then we went to Borneo Convention and Spring had a movie.

Borneo Convention Centre
The Raintree cafe at borneo convention

I like this ... look natural
Song Sheng and me

Song Sheng, me and Diana

"Wei Shien"   What he doing ??  haha
Song Sheng
 Me "cuttie"
Hoho ^@^

 Damn  Super tired man..>_< i wanna sleep tight tonight !!

Good nite world ^^



cacaman said...

ah dear u look so cute in these pic. hahaha, miss u! =))

ah chen chen said...

Thanks ^^ hehe

Song Sheng said...

haiz... u keep on say i wake u up in "early morning"... others will think tat i m a bad fren ler... see how good i m.. wake u up, have a fun day.. if not u will having ur merdaka day on ur piggy bed lo.. no thanks to me still make noise here...