Saturday, November 13, 2010

Colour & Style Show

Model cat walk show was held at Hills Shopping Mall Kuching on
06 November 2010 ~7.30pm
~~Its was really happening ~~

Just notice some of  my pic had been edited too much from my bro =X grrrrr ......

Angel is me ^^


Second round walk up stage with my hair and make up artist


Before the show start ~
Sexy angel with make up artist =P LOL
Jordon and me =)
My hair artist =) May
 ~ , she always stand behind of me =D  LOL
Yoyo~ 2 of them  xD


My teacher, Angeline

 Angel with friends =))^_^


Colour & Style

Black ~
Black and Red
Red ~ devil
Green ~tree
Pink and orange
Gold ~ present
Yellow ~ digi 016 or bird ?? haha
White ~ Angle @ Purple ~ butterfly @ Yellow ~ bird
White ~ Angle @ Purple ~ butterfly
Brown ~ wood
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Groups photo
  Love this picture , thank for the camera girl Sintze ^x^    hoho ~ 


ken said...

angelic and colourful :)

melmonica said...

Wahh, so nice become model! Wish I got chance to :(

Bean said...

wah.... cantik lo~~~

Marccus Màrcchiato 犸轲丝 said...

white lipstick make ur lips looks pale, hahah
but your eye design is charming =) electrify angel XD hahah

ah chen chen said...

Thank everyone =))

Marccus , i like my lip look pale .. so sexy =))

Blackswan said...

Thks for your comments @ Luxury Indulgence!

You've a nice blog here. Thks for sharing the lovely pix. U look great! Hope to see u more often & stay tuned for contests & promos!

ah chen chen said...

You're welcome blackwan ^^